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The company IPF is one of the most famous companies in Japan, specializing in the manufacture of automotive lighting equipment and lighting accessories for tuning cars.

It is one of the best technical laboratories in the field of automotive lighting equipment in Japan and Asia, where production introduced the latest achievements of science in the world.

Technical Center IPF - a place where innovation mixed with traditional technology, making the IPF leader in manufacturing high-quality lighting systems. In support research and development department of marketing IPF tracks daily changes in the automotive market.

Thanks to the continuous tracking of new technologies and trends in the automotive and consumer concerns, the company IPF able to produce goods that are actually working.

To produce high-quality lighting system world-class company IPF is constantly improving its products. In the face of fierce competition the company constantly uses the IPF rally as a test bed to verify that its lighting systems meet the stringent requirements of «real-world». Victorious history of lighting IPF continues to progress, gaining recognition of consumers worldwide.

The company IPF is proud of its high-tech production process. After the installation of advanced quality control systems at each of assembly line products meet the most stringent standards. After his release from the assembly line, production IPF tested team of engineers to demonstrate its superior quality. With compliance by severe standards for all its products to customers IPF guarantee the highest quality products.

Brand IPF is known worldwide, thanks to their quality and credibility.

Continuing answering the needs of customers, the company IPF product line ranges from components such as automotive gas-filled light bulbs, to technologically advanced lighting systems.
IPF Sorporation also has contracts to supply lighting in devices such companies as Lexus, Suzuki, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Mazda.

All products IPF is made with impeccable quality at factories in Japan and has a certificate of quality international model.
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